Return to Play & Vaccinations

US Squash Announces Anticipated Dates for Return to National Junior Competition

Vaccinations —With Illinois vaccination availability improving, we want to ensure you have the information you need to receive a vaccine if you choose to do so. Below are a few Illinois resources you might find helpful. Even if you don’t qualify until a later phase, you can sign up to be notified once you’re eligible:

Because of the many possible paths to vaccines, we recommend signing up for one or more of the government-sponsored eligibility notification services and/or scheduling an appointment through the provider(s) of your choice based on your location of residence. You should take advantage of all options, and if you are able to schedule an appointment, take it! If you answer the screening questions accurately, you’ll be deemed as eligible or not eligible for that provider when appropriate and you can proceed accordingly.

Here are a few resources for navigating this tricky landscape of eligibility and vaccine access:

We will continue to monitor the local vaccine situation to inform return to play. At this time it appears individual action will be required to access the vaccine once eligible.

Mask use on court for players, and off court for all spectators, will be required during all accredited competition. This policy is informed in part by a unanimous recommendation by the US Squash Medical Advisory and Sports Science Committee. While the wearing of masks does not fully eliminate risk, their use on court by both (or all four in doubles) competitors likely limits the potential dosage of viral particles emitted into a facility during play, and also provides a level of protection to others. Mask use during competition is required already under the guidelines produced by many states for indoor recreation; requiring mask use for US Squash accredited play creates a level field of competition to all players nationally.

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