Black Boy Fly

StreetSquash alum Raheem Logan is the author of the children’s book Black Boy Fly, a story about the love and challenges of squash. The book tells the story of a young Black boy navigating an unfamiliar space and looking to find his way through a new sport of squash. The children’s book is the first title to enter the squash literary canon from a hip hop millennial.

Filled with remarkable illustrations by artist Delvonte Smith, Logan’s book is relevant for all ages, as it transparently interrogates powerful and difficult questions about what it means to exist as a Black person in predominantly white spaces. A  talented squash player himself, Logan’s compassionate and attentive voice shines through in this book.

Raheem is a compassionate leader, educator, and community builder focused on empowering underrepresented youth in predominately white spaces. He has created culturally conscious teachings to bring honest, reflective, and transparent dialogue in the classroom and as a coach on the squash court. Born and raised in Harlem, Raheem comes with over fifteen years experience playing and coaching squash. He was elected captain of his team, earned two all conference selections and received his BA from Wesleyan University in Sociology. He has served as a leader and panelist on the Laureus Sport For Good New York Initiative and We Coach, both focusing on Sports Based Youth Development.

He’s coached at City Squash and he’s now back at Canterbury where he’s coaching squash and teaching world religion.  He will lead a Squash and Education camp this summer, 2021!

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All In: Becoming World Champion – the autobiography of legendary Englishwoman Laura Massaro – is available for pre-order now.

All In is Massaro’s honest, raw and personal story of how she became one of the greatest female squash players the UK has ever produced.

From a shy, young athlete sometimes crippled by nerves and self doubt, to a World No.1 and World Champion in an intense, gruelling sport, All In takes readers on a deeply personal and inspiring story. Massaro is candid about the struggles of balancing relationships off the court with success on it, not least with her coach and husband Danny, and she takes readers behind the scenes of the competitive world of the professional squash circuit.

From her battles on court to her fight behind the scenes to establish equal prize money at squash’s biggest tournament, this is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that takes the reader into the head and heart of one of the world’s most accomplished sportswomen.

All In is a story of tears, turmoil and, ultimately, triumph.

Pre-order All In: Becoming a World Champion here.

The book will be released on Tuesday June 1, 2021.

Laura is currently coaching a range of players from juniors, club players, county, national and international individuals and has also confirmed roles as a consultant with England Squash, Head Sport and Lancashire Junior squash.

She hosted an Illinois Squash workout in summer of 2020 where shared her philosophy of movement as she’s transitioned from playing to coaching. Learn how to move efficiently and gain rhythm on court. Switch your mind on and tap into squash specific movements, activating hips, standing tall, and focusing on where you land on your heel rather than toe so balanced.

We were so happy to have her lead us through one of her workouts and look forward to reading her autobiography!